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Lifestyle: One simple word that sums up what you should expect to enjoy, if you are lucky enough to retire to Spain from the UK. A new life enjoying your retirement in Spain is easy and there are lots of businesses to support you.

Spain is a wonderful place to retire to, but it is always best do some home work first. Read up on the subject and understand exactly what to expect. We will be adding dedicated articles to this website that will be of great help in retiring to Spain. Where to go and how to do it, will be explained in detail and new articles will be added every week.

When thinking of retiring to Spain, there is a lot to consider. Buying a property or moving onto a residential semi-retirement mobile home park perhaps. Some people simply stay on campsites in their motorhome or caravan, so they can travel and see all of Spain.

Where best to go, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca or one of the other Costas. North Spain in the summer and South Spain is also possible. How do you get on with paying for things? Perhaps, a UK prepaid card that you simply top up and get the best exchange rate, or simply open a Spanish bank account.

Then there is the paperwork: What is an NIE number and how easy is it to get one? Spain can be full of surprises when it comes to paperwork. Then, there is the car. Bring your UK one or buy a car already on a Spanish registration. What exactly is involved? That is where we come in. We will publish the very latest articles on the subject with links to put you in touch with those who can help. In a short while, we will be THE website all about how to retire to Spain.

Find in Spain is all about helping people to retire to Spain or to have a holiday home in Spain. Businesses and websites that offer a service or good advice for the retired or for people looking for holiday homes in Spain, are invited to tell everyone about their service in an article.

Joining Find In Spain costs nothing.

Subjects that will be covered with articles on this website will include health care, the registration process and of course the need for English speaking Lawyers when it comes to buying bricks and mortar.

Although primarily the site will focus on retirement, it does not stop at that. Anyone with something to offer people who are looking at Spain to live are welcome to submit an article. Articles will remain on the site for 6 months, but the writer can renew it if the article is still current. It is hoped that by putting a time limit on articles. we will always have up to date content.

Businesses in Spain. Take advantage of a link from a website all about Spain. First, you can submit an article describing the goods and services you offer. We will publish your article for free, if the content is approved. Then if you want, you make your article work well for you by requesting a one way website link to your business website. To do this, add the website address when submitting your article.

When we see the website address on the article submission form, we will add the link for only £5 a year. You will be sent an invoice that can be paid on-line. Once paid, your article will remain live for 12 months because you have paid for the website link.

After 12 months, you can either renew it or let it drop off from the Find in Spain website. Articles without a link expire automatically after 6 months. The system of automatic expiry ensures we have up to date content all the time. Find in Spain will be up to date and full of useful information.