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A website all about the town of Antequera in Spain. The town is very Spanish and not far from Malaga on the Costa del Sol.


Around Antequera, there are four mobile home parks. The first one opened over 15 years ago. The website is all about local information about the town and area. Antequera is known as the crossroads of Andalucia. 

The town is both modern and traditional. It has a good bus link to the coast.

Editor’s View:

When you visit Antequera, you almost feel like you are transporting back to the past. The town is filled with Roman baths, baroque temples, ancient burial ground, fountain and Gothic churches that have been in existence for thousands of year. In Antequera, there are 55 cultural and historical sites that are worth visiting.

Antequera is also in between Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and Granada. A great base for exploring Andalucia.

Antequera is in the centre of Andalusia, in the province of Malaga. The town has been in existence for centuries as far back as prehistoric times. The town is located in the Las Vegas plains close to the Guadalhorce river.


Its culture is an amalgamation of all inhabitant cultures of the past which includes Dolmens, Moore’s, native Iberian and Romans. The town also has one of the richest and fertile farmlands in Antequera. The produce from Antequera farmland includes olives, cereals, sunflowers coupled with different types of fruits.

If you are on holiday and want to visit Antequera, it is important to visit the Dolmens. Dolmens are the oldest part of the town where you can see the impressive megalithic sites like the menga, Viera monument and the Romans. It is the ancients part of the Antequera built during the Neolithic age about 6,500 years ago.

Furthermore, El Torcal is also a major tourist attraction of Antequera and is a must-visit location by anyone coming to the town. It is a magnificent mountain range which is made up of limestone.

Another tourist attraction in Antequera is the religion structure. There are lots of magnificent churches scattered around the town which includes the church of Belen, Madre de Dios, San Jos, Santiago etc.


The weather in Antequera is comparatively hot between June and August and the temperature ranges between 35 – 40 degree which makes it dry and hot during the day. Because of this, it is advisable to visit Antequera in the spring when the weather is moderate.

Besides monuments, another historical site is the ancient structures. In Antequera, there are lots of tapas bars, cafeterias’, and local restaurant where regional dishes are served.

Lots of Ex-Pats live in the Antequera region. The town has a good selection of hotels for a short visit.

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