Inland Spain or by the coast, you decide

Inland Spain or by the coast, you decide.

Spain, so much more than beaches. These days many people are now looking inland for their retirement location. This has many advantages. Prices are lower, the cost of living is lower and surrounding you is real Spain.

Several areas stand out in the crowd, non-more than the town of Antequera it would seem. Less than an hour from Malaga many ex-pats have made the region their home. Renting in the town and local villages as well as buying some cheap country fincas has meant there is a sold ex-pat community now.

Many ex-pats have also chosen to live on one of the mobile home parks near Antequera that have opened over the last 15 years. This, of course, offers them security and support.

So what is the attraction with the Antequera region? The answer is the location. Motorways in every direction mean exploring Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba or Malaga is very easy. The town itself is also very Spanish.

For the country loving ex-pats going even further inland to say Cordoba and Granada will present some great property buying opportunities but this has to be tempered with the fact that it can and does get quite cold in the winter.

Baza a is town the other side of Granada is a great example. Many English speaking residents now live there and yes they are all surprised at how cold it gets in the winter. Freezing in fact. Partly due to Granada being a Ski resort because it is so high up.

So, beaches or inland? Close to beaches means very busy in the summer but good in the winter. It also means a higher cost of living. Way inland means temperature extremes.
It is, therefore, no wonder that Antequera is a choice location. A compromise between inland and by the coast. Less than one hour inland and of course less than one hour from the coast. It is a town worth checking out.
Now to a very interesting fact. If inland is chosen no matter how far inland you will adapt to the Spanish way of life very quickly.

Bars and restaurants exist for their Spanish customers. Hearing Spanish all the time means you will pick up a lot of useful Spanish words very quickly. The locals will also love the fact that you are trying to learn THEIR language.

Better than going to English bars in the resorts and paying more for the experience do you not think?

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