Park homes built in Spain

Park homes built-in Spain is a new idea that started with Costa Difference Spain Ltd about 10 years ago. In the beginning, Ibiza homes in Alicante built the park homes for clients.

In 2016 custom-built park homes became even more desirable with Costa Difference Spain Ltd designing four models for Alhambra homes in Alicante.

Park home designs:

The four models are the Ascot, Windsor, Sandringham, and Solero. The first three park homes are all two-bedroom, two-bathroom park homes.

The Ascot Park home is 13m x 4m. The Windsor park home is 12.5m x 4m. The Sandringham park home is 12m x 4m. The Solero is the smallest at 11m x 4m.

The WINDSOR park home in Spain

You can also customise all four model park homes in terms of materials and colours. You can even design your own park home from scratch. Work on initial designs and floor plans will be via e-mail until a floor plan is agreed upon.

Factory visit:

It is at that point you visit the factory in Alicante. During a factory visit, you will see the quality of the build itself. You will see the huge choice of materials and colours available for your park home in Spain. The chassis will be the first thing built and that will be strong enough to take a park home weighing up to 16 tons.

The floor, walls, and roof are all built separately using hydrophobic insulation. The windows and doors will be quality double glazed with pan and tilt functions. Inside and out will be real wooden doors and slate tiles.

Park homes in Spain are available furnished or unfurnished. Ideal if selling a home that has expensive furniture. Bring it to Spain to go inside the park home. Custom-built park homes start at only €60,000 To find out more about custom-built park homes visit Costa Difference Spain Ltd.

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