Retire to Spain but take care as well

When thinking of retiring to Spain the last thing on your mind is that you will need to look after yourself. And you will. The sun in winter is wonderful. The body can cope being directly exposed for a short while without any problem whatsoever. But in the summer it is a different ball game.

The differences between the Spanish and the British in the summer are easy to see. For example, there is a street where one half is in the shade and the other in direct sunlight. The Spanish will be walking in the shaded part and the British will be walking in the part that is in direct sunlight.

Most people are aware of the dangers of skin cancer resulting from overexposure to the sun. BUT when you are out and the sun is not too hot you might not be concerned at that point in time. However, the rules still apply.
While people who rarely burn are less likely to contract skin cancer than people who burn easily. That said everyone is at risk. Even with no family history. All our collective knowledge about skin cancer risks is constantly changing.

Stay aware:

Even if you never contract skin cancer because you are taking some precaution. Overexposure to sunlight also accounts for a surprising number of the signs of ageing which we think of as normal. Tanning produces deep skin wrinkles, makes the skin texture leathery and can cause discolouration such as “age spots”.

Avoiding being in the sun directly for periods of half an hour or more. This will help keep your skin tone even, your wrinkles fine and your skin texture soft.

So here are some very basic rules to keep you in Spain as far as sunlight goes. Better still without having to spend your life slapping on loads of sun cream. ONE: Wear a hat in direct sunlight. TWO: Wear very lightweight clothes that cover all your arms and legs. Thin summer trousers and thin long sleeve tee shirts. THREE: This will make you laugh, wear shoes (canvas shoes are good in the summer) and thin socks. Sandals have straps and the part of your foot that is not under a strap is in direct sunlight.

For day to daycare in the summer, you will need a little more protection. So, in the morning as you are getting yourself ready for the day slap on some sun cream on parts not covered. Your hands, your nose, and just to be safe the back of your neck (assuming you will be wearing a hat). Broad-spectrum sunscreens provide excellent protection from natural sunlight exposure. Use them even if you’re not going to be out in the sun for long.

If you’re concerned about the chemicals in sunscreen there is good news. There are sunscreen products available now that don’t include harmful chemicals. In fact, many are comprised mainly of natural ingredients, including moisturizers.

Bottom line:

Finally, read up on the warnings and good advice found on the internet and then remember there are benefits of retiring to Spain and the Spanish sun. Firstly imagine it is Jan 3rd and you are sat at 10 am in the warm sunshine enjoying a nice cup of coffee on your terrace. What a great feeling. One you will never experience in the UK on that day. Secondly, it is 6 pm and you are taking your dog out for a long walk and it is not raining.

You can enjoy all this day in and day out throughout the year but at different times. In the summer drink your coffee outside at 7.30 am and walk the dog at 9 pm.

During the day you will be going in and out of the sunshine as you live life. In and out of the car as you go shopping for example, but if you have followed the simple rules you will be perfectly safe. Wear a hat. Cover up arms and legs. Wear shoes. Apply a little 50 factor cream to hands, neck and nose in the morning.

Spain in retirement is wonderful and you will soon learn to live the Spanish way. Walk in the shade, sleep in the afternoon and eat later. How hard is that?

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