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Short summary

Revolut is a must if living or planning to live in Spain. It allows you to exchange your money from GBP£ into Euros€ in real-time. Better still is you only exchange what you need. Now the best part, you get the best exchange rate and no fees!

Long summary

Revolt itself is an app on your smart phone. Once set up a card will arrive at the registered address. Using the link on this page to sign up means the card will be free.

As soon as you have the card you can load £ or € onto it depending which way you want to convert the money. With credit in place, you use it in the same way as any other debit or credit card.

Now the best part. You control the card on the app. Contactless can be switched on-off and if you misplace the card you can put a block on it until you locate it. Best exchange rates and full control. It does not get better than that.

This information is based in Spain for Spain. For that reason it is on Find in Spain. Click on the link to get your Revolut card ordered

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